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Saw you guys at Club Realm and \\\"it rocked\\\" as always!!! Anyway keep jammin its good to see you all around more than just a few times a year.
God is Good.......and Stillpoint Rocks.
Can I get a Amen.........later :-)o
- firefighter chad
Sep 13 2009 07:08 pm
Can\\\'t wait for Stillpoint at the Nutty Brown, Sunday Sept. 6th, Labor Day weekend, 2009!

Thanks for your support of Parent Rise- Help for Single Parents. You guys ROCK!!
- Kathy Johnston
Aug 18 2009 01:36 pm
Hope to catch ya'll at the Nutty Brown Cafe on the 24th!
- Ellie Grivas
May 13 2009 10:53 am
You guys have got to release the full version of "taste and see" as a single or something soon, it's such a great song!
- Jonny
Apr 26 2009 10:20 pm
Great sound guys!
- Chris
Mar 25 2009 11:14 am
I'm looking forward to hearing ya'll at the Nutty Brown again!
- James
Mar 25 2009 11:13 am
You guys are AWESOME!
You totaly ROCKED at the FEFC retreat (at Cling) I hope to be seeing you next year at camp! xD
Keep up the good music!
- Lauren Beller
Mar 12 2009 06:39 pm
Yall rock out to God in such a great way keep doing it yall are awsome and thanks for coming to are cling retreat
- Andrew Skipton
Oct 20 2008 04:45 pm
hey i just want to say thank you for singing at the retrat(cling) you made it so fun!!!!!!!!
- stephanie
Oct 13 2008 07:11 pm
Great Show at the FEFC Cling Retrreat!!
- Mason Mathias
Oct 12 2008 01:00 pm
Great show last night @ The Nutty Brown!! We had a blast!!
- Zelina & Aaron
Sep 01 2008 10:57 am
Hey Guys! This one goes to Paul and Charis! You were amazing tonight at the Concert of Praise! Can't wait 'til the 31st @ Nutty Brown!!
- Joy Johnston
Aug 10 2008 09:26 pm
Thank you guys for performing at our youthfest, you were awsome! Hope you guy's can come back next year.
you guy's Rock!!!!!
- New Covenant Youth
July 28 2008 08:35 pm
Hi =]
I loved your perfomance
at the Week of Hope
it was great! We were the Youth with the ROCK ON t-shirts! Thanks for playing it was great!!!
- Cassie
July 20 2008 10:27 am
Whats up guys! We are definatley going to go see another show! Keep up the good work!
- Aaron & Zelina
June 22 2008 11:03 pm
Not even gonna lie, leave was awesome! hope we woke up some people sunday night. Y'all gotta release the new taste and see single sometime.
- David Dyess
June 10 2008 08:42 am
CD Release Party was AWESOME!!!!!! Great Job!!!
- TC
May 26 2008 12:58 pm
Ok, guys... This CD = BEASTLY AWESOME!!! haha. You guys did a great job and I cannot wait for the release party tonight!!
- Joy Johnston
May 25 2008 04:59 pm
Getting the CD in the mail yesterday caused much excitement in our house! It sounds amazing, too....excellent job! We're so sad that we'll miss the party on Sunday, but look forward to hearing all about it.
- Christy Ivie
May 23 2008 08:09 am
Got the CD yesterday and we've been listening to it non stop! Olivia already has it on her IPod. Can't wait for Sunday night!
- Sabrina R
May 20 2008 02:54 pm
Hey guys,

The cd came in the mail yesterday and I absolute love it. Thank you for cont. to serve God with the great music. Have a great show this weekend, I'm sorry I will miss it.
- Shannon Shaw
May 20 2008 09:12 am
Got the CD in the mail today. Very excting! Good job, everybody! Looking forward to Sunday night.
- anne franklin
May 20 2008 06:52 am
Hey boys! just recently been listening to the music, and it's sounding Reeal good, keep up the good work and see y'all at the CD release party! Heeha!
- Will Thothong
May 07 2008 10:50 am
dude i am so stoked about this new cd woot!!
- james
Apr 22 2008 09:58 pm
Once again, ya'll rocked. Love the new stuff. Hope to see ya'll in a couple of weeks again.
- Shannon Shaw
Apr 07 2008 09:27 am
I'm really excited about what you guys are doing around town. I hope Katie and I can get away to hear you at Red 7 tomorrow night.

Blake Beavers
- Blake
Apr 04 2008 09:54 am
Thanks again for leading worship this week, Paul and Charis! You did a great job, I especially appreciated you weaving relevant precious Scriptures throughout, reminding us of His great love for us. Blessings to you!
- Dan Lockwood
Apr 03 2008 04:39 pm
I can't wait till New Years Eve. We are going to tear the stage up!!! Be blesses in every possible way.
- Dusty
Dec 28 2007 01:03 pm
When Love Came to Town was so aweseome on Sunday morning! Just in case no one has told ya lately, ya'll rock in every style of music I have ever heard you play and we know there has been much diversity so that is saying a lot! Love you guys
- Brea
Dec 10 2007 11:40 am
Hey, yall sounded really good Sunday night at the Meadows. I really liked the new song. YOU ROCKED!!
- AJ Huff
Nov 19 2007 08:05 pm
Nice job @ the Grove Guys!
- Jonny
Nov 18 2007 08:55 pm
You guys are great. You are so amazing we need more bands like you guys
- kim
Nov 04 2007 03:30 pm
You where awesome at the collisions retreat!
- Kim
Oct 29 2007 02:55 pm
You guys have changed my life
- keke
Oct 29 2007 02:52 pm
i love your music it is sweet i was at the collision reatreat, and you were awesome, i hope u remember me, i cant wait until your next concert i really want to go, u rock keep on rocking out to god i bet he loves what you are doing we all love what u are doing all through austin!! keep on rocking!
- andrew
Oct 21 2007 01:54 pm
The show at The Parish was pretty incredible... You guys sounded tight, and I could tell you were having a blast...I really like the new song, too... Keep it up! I love you guys!
- Charis
Oct 12 2007 07:27 am
Hello Stillpoint. I love to hear your music and see your wacky vids. Keep on rockin' in the free world!! SOLID GOOOOOOOOOLD!!! Peace out, you buncha music makin' God worshippin' Christ followin' fern lovin' freaks! Much love.
- Dan Lincoln
Oct 11 2007 08:02 am
Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for inviting us to your church, we had fun and will be joining you every Sunday. On another note, I design websites myself, and I must say this is a pretty cool website. nice job all around! Thanks Again! Aaron & Zelina
- Aaron & Zelina
Oct 07 2007 10:33 am
Guys, I can put in your CD and just feel the Lords arms around me.
Keep up the rocking and reaching of Austin!!
See ya soon my brothers....
- Firefighter Chad
Sep 11 2007 05:33 pm
Guys ..awesome show on Saturday, once again you rocked the house. Can't wait for the new CD. Take care and see ya'll in a couple of weeks.
- Shannon
Aug 20 2007 07:04 am
Hey, I just heard a rumor that you guys might be coming to The Saxon this true? I hope so b/c I will be there to see you guys rawk!
- Jenna
July 26 2007 01:19 pm
Antone's was fun!! You guys are some of what Austin needs
Yo Paul, caught you praying before you went on remember we see ya guys from time to time when your not looking, way to "keep it real"
I know He was listening.
Later ya"ll and the white shirts rocked.
Come see us at HCBC Leander sometime :)
- Firefighter Chad
July 11 2007 08:14 pm
We really loved the show last night at Antone's! You guys are amazing. Hmm, seems like you guys might be holdilng back a little on Sun a.m.... Thanks for being faithful to lift up Jesus. May God bless you as you have blessed us.
- Anne Franklin
June 28 2007 08:17 pm
WOW! You guys rocked at Antones! My friend and my girlfriend and I REALLY enjoyed the show... what a great experience! I hope y'all get some radio play pretty soon so I can jam out to "Lose My Voice" and "Another Moment" in the car!!!

Thanks, guys.

P.S. -- Copley-- I Love Keytar!!!
- HCMNick
June 28 2007 10:21 am
You guys rocked at Antones!! Wow that was a cool show! I found myself able to worship right there in Antones. I loved all the guitars and toys and such that the guitar player had. So anywaz just wanted to let you know! What was all the stuff coming from the computer??? What program were you running?? Have a great day and stay blessed. You were a blessing to me! Rock on.
Matt (
- Matt
June 28 2007 06:06 am
Hey guys! Can't wait to see you at Antone's!! :) Many blessings to you!
- Angela
June 16 2007 07:58 am
Y'all are awesome! Thanks for leading worship at Leave, it was amazing! When is the new cd coming out?
- David
June 12 2007 03:49 pm
Ya'll were awesome at LEAVE! We are so spoiled to have you guys to rock with every week! Southwest girls love you Ian! It was great to talk to you and to get to know you this week!
- Danielle
June 02 2007 03:04 pm
paul,ian,brandon, and ryan you guys are so awsome leave 07 was so much fun! thanx for the great worship!
- krista
June 02 2007 09:09 am
Hey boys, and Charis. Camp eagle was freaking amazing, loved hanging out with y'all there. ~peace out~
- Julia
June 02 2007 06:46 am
Hey guys- Leave '07 was incredible. We were really blessed to have you rock out for us. I enjoyed working with you!
- Colin
June 01 2007 06:00 pm
Thank you so much for the amazing worship you guys lead us in during LEAVE. now i can't get your songs out of my head!
- Sophie
June 01 2007 05:05 pm
I just got back from Leave-07 and Stillpoint totaly rocked the place. I honestly can't wait for the next retreat with Stillpoint.
- Jonny
June 01 2007 04:50 pm
you guys are sooooooo awsome!!!! you rocked at camp eagle!! thanks for the great worship!!! thanks for the drum stick ryan!!! ian is awsome!! i love you guys!
- krista
June 01 2007 04:39 pm
"Paul is Awesome"
- Andrew Neisch
June 01 2007 04:35 pm
Leave '07 rocked with ya'll there!!! it definitely wouldn't have been the same without you. can't wait till the new CD. see you Sunday!!
- Kayle
June 01 2007 04:12 pm
Hey guys!! ya'll really rocked CAMP EAGLE this week! Hey Ryan.. Thanks for the drum stick! =]
Anyways... all of ya'll r awsome ppl to hang out with & I'm glad I got to meet ya'll!! Stay cool!!! =]

Love, Stephanie (HCBCPF)
- Stephanie
June 01 2007 04:03 pm
super cool new site... i was missing moving you all around on the old webpage...until i noticed the light up bulbs on your picture... that's a neat little touch :o) *hopefully* we'll get to come and and hear ya'll play again.. and perhaps lovely charis will be around!! happy times!!!!
- regina
May 31 2007 08:10 pm
Ya'll are missing a lovely lady with a powerfully sweet voice but other than that your pretty cool. Rock On
- Brea
May 25 2007 03:43 pm
Can't wait to hear the new CD.

Keep on livin the dream!!!
- drooh tha nomad
May 23 2007 09:33 pm
Web site rocks, and God is good.

Keep up all the great work and pray hard.

- Fire Fighter Chad
May 23 2007 08:45 pm
yall are the greatest! cant wait til Leave '07!! its gonna rock hard core.

- Kayle
May 23 2007 03:41 pm
Y'all r the bestest ever!!
- Sammy Sosa
May 23 2007 01:37 pm
aaah. Brandon is so cute! Nice work on the site, the fox7 thing was cool.
- Jam
May 22 2007 03:56 pm
You guys rocked it on channel 7 this morning. Way to go! I love the site, this is the first I've seen it.
- Jason
May 18 2007 10:06 am
In Christ Alone RAWKS!!! When can I get a copy of it on CD?
- Christopher
May 17 2007 08:19 am
I will definitely be chill'n with you guys a Dominican Joe on Sunday...Orange Mocha Frapachino!
- Rusty Shackleford
May 17 2007 08:18 am
Awesome site, Andrew! Can't wait to hear this bands tunes.

YBiC, Alan.
- Alan Weiss
May 11 2007 02:45 pm
luv it, luv it!
- dj slip'n slide
Apr 26 2007 04:56 pm
just sayin what up man, the music sounds great!
- drooh tha nomad
Mar 15 2007 07:35 pm
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